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Last week ten Year 8 pupils completed their AirStronaut Training at Space Camp. It consisted of 7:30am drills, liquid nitrogen demonstrations, rocket launching with the RAF, coding the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT and many more exciting activities. There were also talks from Dr Steve Croft, an Astrophysicist and astronomer from California, about the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence and Mark Thompson, presenter of Stargazing Live, about The Solar System when the astronomy session was rained off. On Thursday the pupils launched, tracked and chased their balloon, which travelled more than 80 miles to Stanway House, a manor house with amazing gardens and a record breaking fountain. The pupils decided on three experiments that were sent in ping pong balls with the balloon to near space, including popcorn and peanut butter and jam, sadly the main change was the smell.
The pupils were a credit to Broadoak School. Miss Rex and Mr Griffin were proud to work with them all week, receiving comments from other teachers and the camp leaders about their outstanding behaviour and attitude. The fantastic group were: Tillie, Lois, Allyssia, Lucas, Liam, Daniel, Liam, Oliver, Hannah and Nana-Lealae


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