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Update on Face Coverings

Broadoak School is located within a local lockdown area and will therefore be following the latest Government guidance with regards to face coverings. The expectation is that all staff and pupils will wear face coverings when moving around the school buildings e.g. on corridors and in communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. Face coverings will not be worn in classrooms, unless in exceptional circumstances in agreement with the Headteacher.

Face coverings will not need to be worn by pupils and staff when outside at break and lunch or when they are eating.  It is the responsibility of parents / carers to provide a face covering. Please ensure that they are plain in design or have a simple pattern with no logos / messages. Pupils should also be provided with a sealable plastic bag in which to store the face covering when it is not in use.  Please find a link to a World Health Organisation’s short video – ‘How to wear a fabric mask safely’

Year GroupEntranceInduction Day Start and Finish Time on 3rd or 4th SeptemberFull School Reopening Start and Finish Time from Monday 7th September
7Gym Entrance Wait in Canteen B4th September 08.30-14.5008.30-14.50
8Gym Entrance wait in Main Hall4th September 08.40-14.5508.40-14.55
9Main Entrance wait in Canteen A3rd September 08.45-14.5508.45-14.55
10Gym Entrance Wait in Gym4th September 08.50-15.0008.50-15.00
11Main Entrance Wait in Small Hall3rd September 08.30-15.0008.30-15.00
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