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We hope that parents will understand the reasons which underlie school clothing regulations, and we welcome their co-operation in seeing that they are observed. It is important that children should accustom themselves to being tidy, well-groomed and suitably dressed for different kinds of activity.

John McHugh’s sells all of our school uniform items in store. Uniform orders and purchases will no longer be available from the school.

John McHugh is a well-established School wear supplier. The uniform store is situated at the King Street entrance to the Stretford Shopping Centre in the Old Post Office building.

Monday-Saturday             9:30am – 5:30pm

Sundays                             11:00am – 4:00pm

Bank Holidays                   11:00am – 4:00pm

Telephone: 0161 865 3142



The compulsory school uniform consists of:


BlazerBurgundy with the Dean Trust Broadoak Badge
TrousersTailored plain black trousers
TieSchool colours (clip on)
Socksplain black or grey
ShoesPlain black, polishable (boots, trainers and canvas shoes are not allowed)
Optional grey school jumper
BlazerBurgundy with the Dean Trust Broadoak badge
Skirt or trousersPlain black elasticated box pleated knee length skirt. Tailored plain black trousers full length
TieSchool colours (clip on)
TightsPlain black tights (Socks are only allowed in the summer term with permission)
ShoesBlack polishable, flat heeled (boots, trainers canvas and platform shoes are not allowed)
Optional grey school jumper

Physical Education Kit Boys and Girls

Black and burgundy polo shirt and black shorts with the Dean Trust Broadoak School logo, plain black football socks, trainers.

Optional: Black fleece, slim track pants/leggings with the Dean Trust Broadoak School Logo.

Pupils in Year 10/11 undertaking BTEC Sport or GCSE PE will be expected to purchase an individually embroidered polo shirt.

Personal Appearance

We believe that we must continue to present a good image both inside and outside the school and prepare your child for the world of further education and work by instilling good routines and standards. Each day staff will check that pupils are dressed and presented in an appropriate manner for school.

Sanctions will be applied for failure to meet school standard. Each day staff will check that pupils are dressed and presented in an appropriate manner for school.

ItemSchool StandardNot Allowed
Hairstylesno. 3 cut minimum and faded into hair style. Natural in colour. Neat and tidy. Longer than shoulder length hair must be tied back with a plain black hair adornmentUndercuts or shaving less than no.3. Extreme hairstyles such as 'steps', shaving side or all of head, patterns, lines, "tip dying", loose long hair. Extreme colours. Shaved eyebrows.
Makeupcompletely free of makeup Any type of makeup, fake tan, false eyelashes, makeup bag/items.
NailsPlain, acceptable length, naturalNail varnish , false nails.
JewelleryWristwatch only (at own risk)***earrings, studs, facial piercings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, tongue piercings
Mobile phones, ipods, ipads, tablets, iwatches, headphones**will be confiscated if seen or heard, including headphones

Please note: The Headteacher reserves the right to decide what is and what is not acceptable.

***These items including all mobile devices will be confiscated and held in Student Services. **All mobile devices will be confiscated if seen or heard, anywhere on the school site (includes the use of head/earphones) and held in Student Services.

Parents/carers may collect any confiscated items between 3.30pm-4pm. Other wise the item will not be returned to the pupil until 3.30pm on a Friday.

Please note that we do not accept written or telephone requests from parents/carers regarding collection of confiscated items.

Mobile phones: In an emergency parents/carers can contact Student Services. If a pupil needs to contact home he/she may see Student Services who will facilitate this. During the school day pupils may hand their phones in for safekeeping in Student Services.


Equipment for School

All pupils must bring the following items into school. Sanctions will be applied for failing to meet equipment standards.

ItemSchool StandardNot Allowed
BagSturdy and large enough to carry all belongingsPlastic bags. Carrying belongings in blazer pockets
Pencil CaseBasics: two BLACK or BLUE ink pens. One GREEN ink pen. Two pencils. Eraser. Rigid ruler. Coloured pencils.Correction fluid. Felt tip pens
Optional other equipmentScientific calculator. Dictionary.

Personal Property

Parents are strongly advised to ensure that personal property, including all items of uniform, is clearly marked with the child’s name. Whilst every effort will be made to safeguard property the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

In general, items of value, monetary or sentimental, should not be brought into school. We do not take responsibility for loss of personal belongings. The school will not make any refunds for loss of personal belongings. Claims should be made on own insurance policies. Cycles may be brought into school and stored in the designated cycle racks. We encourage pupils to wear a safety helmet whilst cycling to and from school. Parents should ensure that cycles carry adequate insurance cover in the event of loss, as the school cannot be held responsible. Cycles are brought into school and stored in the designated areas at owner’s risk. They must be locked within this area. All bikes must have fully operational brakes (Note: A fixed wheel is not an acceptable braking system).


Under no circumstances must the following be brought into school:



drugs and ‘legal highs’

Stolen items

Tobacco, cigarette papers, e-cigarettes, fire lighting equipment

Fireworks or explosives of any kind


Hoodies/non school jumpers

Chewing gum

Laser pens or LED torches

Cans, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks

Aerosols of any kind (other than essential medication)

Fidgit spinners

To all isolating Y10 and Y11 pupils:

Please join your Google Classrooms as per the timetable below for live lessons starting tomorrow.  Access your subjects’ Google Classroom at the given time and follow the instructions in the stream.  All other subjects’ have uploaded home learning tasks for your missed lessons and will continue to do so throughout the week.  Please make sure that you attend all live lessons and if there are any issues please let us know in advance so that we can help you to get online.

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