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5th December 2014
Dear Parent/Carer,

Mr Lee McConaghie, Head of School
Mr Lee McConaghie, Head of School

With only two weeks to go until the Christmas holiday spirits are high as the whole school looks forward to the Christmas Show on the last day of term. School will close at lunchtime on December 19th.

Own Shoes Day

On Friday 12th December pupils are encouraged to wear their own shoes or trainers at the cost of £1. The proceeds will be split between a contribution to the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party (Tuesday 16th) and a contribution to Save the Children.

Manchester United Business and Enterprise

Next week sees a 3 day event for the whole of Year 8. A business and enterprise event, organised by PE staff and Manchester United, begins on Tuesday at school but then takes place at Old Trafford on Wednesday and Thursday. The 3 day experience will encourage pupils to become young entrepreneurs whilst looking at the links between business and sport. It will be a fantastic experience for Year 8.

Mock Exams results Day

Next Friday (period 6) is the mock exam results day for Year 11. Pupils will collect their exam results in the same format as the real results day in the summer. Pupils will experience what it is like to receive those all-important grades. It will be an exciting afternoon for Year 11 with some pupils awarded special progress prizes.

More Fund Raising

Organisers took to B&M Bargains to bag pack for the Black Friday Customers
Organisers took to B&M Bargains to bag pack for the Black Friday Customers

During Project Day last year two Year 9 forms decided that they wanted to do something for the Senior Citizens of Partington. It was decided that a Christmas Party would be an ideal way to do something for the community and bring together the elderly folk of the area. On Friday 28th November four of the organisers took to B&M Bargains to bag pack for the Black Friday Customers. The customers and donations came steadily all evening and for the first hour all four pupils were non-stop. The four managed to raise an amazing £156 which along with an existing £70 from a cake sale will be put towards food and decorations for the party. All the pupils involved in this are doing an amazing job and are beginning to get very excited about the event!


This week’s highest attending form is 10B Mr Davidson with 99.5%.

Stars of the Week

Year 7: Blake Cottrell, Timea Orecna, Jessica Smith
Year 8: Shannon Davies, Christian Dockrill, Ryan Harrison
Year 9: Callum Gregson, Kayd O’Mary, Jake Coulson
Year 10: Serena Alexander, Daniel Warburton, Josh Jackson
Year 11: Chloe Williams, Katy Murray, Paris Arrowsmith
ILS: David Massey for his positive attitude and helping others.


Year 9 Basketball

In the second game of the season the lads faced a tough visit from Altrincham Grammar school. The away team were tall, fast and skilful but the Broadoak boys never put their heads down in what was a much improved performance from last week. Outstanding Performer Stephen Harden worked hard right from the first minute and the ever reliable Kayd O’Mary and Josh McVety were strong in both attack and in defence. All the lads put in some impressive performances and scored some excellent baskets but, in the end, it was not enough to win.

Year 10/11 Basketball

The KS4 basketball team travelled to Wellington and the boys defended extremely well especially considering a couple of key players missing. Unfortunately, the boys were beaten 30-11. However Aiden Easter’s effort and determination managed to secure him the outstanding Performer award.

Year 7 Basketball

Year 7 were up against North Cestrian this week in yet another away game! The team, captained by Sydney Froggat, fought hard throughout but sadly lost against 10 very strong and tall Year 7s. Outstanding Performer was Adee Collins for the continuous end to end sprints which provided vital defensive work.
Yours faithfully,
Mr Lee McConaghie
Head of School
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Mr Andy Griffin
Executive Principal

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