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The Performing Arts Department at Broadoak School is committed to helping pupils to achieve and we pride ourselves on being one of the most consistently strong subject areas in the school with 100% of pupils being awarded a Level 1 or Level 2 in 2018-19.  In addition to our commitment to excellent results, we encourage pupils to develop an enjoyment of drama and music, both as a source of joy and to encourage creative expression.

Drama at Broadoak School aims to evoke creativity and equip learners with skills that will be practised throughout their education and beyond.

At Key Stage 3, learners explore a wide range of plays from award winning published writers and established theatre practitioners.  Learners will experiment with performance theory and practice and have the chance to create short, original group pieces that draw on the techniques and ideas learnt throughout Years 7, 8 and 9.

At Key Stage 4 learners select to study the BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (‘acting’ pathway), a unique integrated course designed to help develop the skills required for the creative process and performance. BTEC Tech Awards are designed to be taught alongside GCSEs, giving learners a glimpse into a professional sector whilst being taught transferable skills for life.

At Key Stage 3 in Music we help our learners to explore a range of musical styles and stimuli, whilst building an understanding of the core principles of music. We draw on music from across the centuries to inspire and inform learners’ sense of the possibilities of music.  To support classwork we offer individual music lessons where learners can develop their skills, these are supported by opportunities to play together with other learners in our steel pan band, rock bands and choir. KS4 music is focused on music in the 21st century where learners explore the world of digital music.  With a mix of hands-on music production and digital sound manipulation, learners are prepared for the world of music in whatever context they may wish to pursue it post-16.


Department Staff

Mrs ArukovicHead of Performing Arts
Mr KingHead of Year 9/Teacher of Music

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