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We are a very friendly team who strive to get pupils to use Spanish in class as much as possible. In years 7 & 8 we study the Viva course and begin to focus on those important exam skills. Topics include: Exchange of basic personal details, Free time, School life, Family and friends, Holidays and Gastronomy. Formal end of year assessments are used to give an end of year level to measure progress.

We introduce the AQA GCSE 9-1 curriculum in Year 9 and teach it over three years.  Pupils have the opportunity to practice Translation, Listening, Reading and Speaking every lesson and once again there is a great emphasis placed on them using the language as much as possible in class. Other than learning the language, pupils should expect to learn about the Hispanic culture, art and history. Pupils are assessed at the end of Year 11 via four external GCSE examinations, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The speaking exam is completed in school with the classroom teacher. Coursework is no longer a part of the course.

Senorita Esgaio BarrosHead of MFL
Senor PrattTeacher of Spanish
Senorita WhittakerTeacher of Spanish

Summer 2022 Exams ‘Advanced Information’ for Year 11 Pupils, Parents and Carers – Summer 2022 GCSE Exam Board Advanced Information – The Dean Trust

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