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Key Stage 3

At Broadoak pupils experience a Key Stage 3 curriculum that is broad and balanced, providing skills, knowledge and understanding in a wide range of subjects helping pupils to recognise their achievements and identify and explore their individual interests.  Alongside the suite of qualifications indexed on the right, pupils receive Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSCHEE) which is combined with Citizenship and Careers education in specialist lessons throughout Key Stage 3 and social, moral, spiritual and cultural guidance is embedded throughout the whole school curriculum and contributes to a holistic approach to pupil wellbeing alongside three weekly PE lessons. Preparing pupils for the digital age, Computing at KS3 is taught in the Raspberry Pi café, a modern facility where pupils are taught how to code.  Careers education, information, advice and guidance is provided to pupils from Years 8-11 and is studied in the form of distinct lessons, the use of pastoral time, lunchtime drop ins 1:1 interviews and various enrichment events. Pupils at Broadoak have access every day to a wide range of extra-curricular activities both before school, after school and during lunchtime to encompass a wide range of creative, sporting, technology based and ‘academic’ subjects.

With the exception of History, Geography and Spanish, all subjects follow a three year KS3 and a two year KS4 curriculum and pupils receive 30 lessons a week, each comprising of 50 minutes learning time.  At the end of Year 8, pupils are asked to select either History or Geography as their Humanities choice which they then continue to GCSE. Most pupils are also required to continue with Spanish as a compulsory GCSE option. Pupils studying STEM in sets 3 and 4 work towards achieving the ‘Crest’ award at the end of Year 9 to help them build transferable, employability skills.  Towards the end of Year 9, pupils and parents are invited to opt for a choice of subjects to be studied in Years 10 and 11.

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