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0161 776 1977


Warburton Lane
Partington, Manchester
M31 4BU

Useful Contacts

Please dial 0161 776 1977 and the extension number you require.

  • Office

  • Mr F Mackintosh

    Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour, Attendance and Inclusion

  • Mrs A Worswick

    Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage 4 and Transition

  • Miss L Cropper

    Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum, Staff Development, Teaching and Learning

  • Mr M Taylor

    Assistant Headteacher, Pupil Progress, Head of Math

  • Wendy Sinclair

    Headteacher’s P.A.
    Ext. *5009

  • Linda Freeman

    Administration Supervisor/Examinations Officer
    Ext. *5003

  • Sue Pett

    Pastoral Secretary
    Ext. *5022

  • Lynsey Milne

    Attendance Officer
    Ext. *5013 or email

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