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During the week leading up to St George’s Day on Saturday 23rd April, Broadoak celebrated it’s British values of diversity, respect, democracy and liberty.  The whole school enjoyed British foods in the canteen, enjoyed British themed assemblies and spent their breaks and lunch times listening to classic British music on the corridors.
Year 7 were especially patriotic, spending their entire timetable completing every subject but with a British theme.  ‘Quick Cricket’ was played in PE, the National Anthem was taught in Music, the Union Jack was redesigned in DT and our Patron Saints were learnt about in RE;  Of course the traditional scone was also baked in Food Technology.
As a grand finale, the whole Year group were invited to spend Friday afternoon celebrating their British values in a street-party style event.  Competing in their very British Houses (Baden-Powell, Churchill and Fleming), pupils completed a quiz to test their general knowledge, enjoyed a game of Bingo and ‘Play Your Cards Right’ before letting off some steam in a friendly game of ‘British Bulldog’ on the yard.
In true British tradition, ‘Afternoon Tea’ was enjoyed by all before we ended the week belting out the National Anthem at full volume!  The Year 7s showed great spirit and embraced their British Values being celebrated at Broadoak!
British values are taught throughout the curriculum at Broadoak but it was great to celebrate them in an important week for our 90 year old Queen and legend St George.

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