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It’s been an eventful few days in the British calendar, with the 92nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth and both St George’s Day and the birth of a new member of the Royal family on Monday. It is no coincidence therefore, that Broadoak have been embracing our British Values of democracy, respect, liberty and law; even more so than usual. Throughout the school, pupils have enjoyed assemblies with British themes and have spent break and lunchtimes listening to the ‘Best of British Anthems’ throughout the corridors and yard.
Year 7 in particular have followed a British themed curriculum this week, where each of their usual lessons have made links to Britishness. In RE for instance, pupils have been introduced to the British Patron Saints; in PSHCEE pupils have been celebrating multiculturalism; and in Science Year 7s have proudly researched and presented a range of British scientists from present day Brian Cox, right back to Alexander Fleming. This Friday afternoon has culminated in a traditional ‘Street Party’ style celebration including Afternoon Tea, a game of Bingo and ‘Play Your Cards Right’, belting out the National Anthem to finish which has been the focus of their Music lessons this week!
We’re very proud of our British Values at Broadoak and continue to embed them into all aspects of school life.

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