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Broadoak School prepares students positively for life in modern Britain and we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Respect & Tolerance:

At Broadoak School, we

  • Respect others.
  • Embrace difference.
  • Learn about and consider the cultures of other people.
  • Accept the beliefs and faiths of others.

Rule of Law

At Broadoak School, we

  • Commit to the school rules.
  • Help others to do the right thing.
  • Be honest, truthful and loyal.
  • Are respectful of the laws of British society, inside and outside school.

Individual Liberty:

At Broadoak School, we

  • Take responsibility for our actions.
  • Work hard to improve.
  • Diligently pursue our goals.
  • Challenge bullying, prejudice or bias with confidence.
  • Embrace our freedom to learn new things and develop our own ideas.
  • Are encouraged to make responsible choices.



At Broadoak School, we

  • Respect all views.
  • Debate ideas respectfully.
  • Participate fully as active citizens.
  • Express our views confidently and have our views heard.

At Broadoak School students are prepared for life beyond the school community and are encouraged to participate fully locally, nationally and on a global scale representing British values.

The British Values are intrinsic to the Broadoak community and underpin our ethos, promoted in every aspect of school life.

The school community meet collectively for weekly assemblies to present ideas of respect, law, democracy and individual liberty. Hot topics, moral issues and celebrations of Britishness create a catalogue of assemblies to educate, enlighten and encourage pupils to be the best members of British society that they can be. Pupils throughout their school life also participate in a full pastoral program of activities to develop their attitudes to personal responsibility.

Special events such as our annual ‘British Values Week’ for Year 7 in the lead up to St George’s Day provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the British Values themes to our new intake whilst celebrating all that is great about Great Britain. (link to British Values newsletter)

The Key Stage 3 curriculum at Broadoak School involves a discrete 50 minute lesson dedicated to PSHCEE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship/ Careers, Economic Education) where Year 7 explore their identity as British citizens; challenge bullying, prejudice, racism and stereotyping; inform their freedom of choice of a healthy lifestyle; and the rule of law is explored within their Drugs Education topic and Money Management. Year 8 follow a more Citizenship focused program of study with Rights and Responsibilities, Democracy and Justice, Diversity and Self-Development, each will explicit links to the British Values. Year 9 concentrate on Sex and Relationship but even so, individual liberty, respect and tolerance, and rule of law all feature in the curriculum. Issues of exploitation, FGM and the safe use of social media are all covered whilst promoting healthy and respectful relationships.

In a separate lesson to PSHCEE, pupils also receive a 50 minute session for RE where their spirituality is encouraged, their understanding and tolerance of others is informed and pupils can explore the range of faiths, beliefs and identities within a multicultural Britain.  

Beyond the PSHCEE and RE lessons on the curriculum, all subjects in both KS3 and KS4 contribute to the teaching and practice of British Values; Whether it’s the Rule of Law taught in English whilst debating Capital Punishment; British democratic voting systems in Maths; or Individual Liberty central to the teaching of The Holocaust in History; Broadoak celebrates our British Values proudly. The whole school curriculum is audited annually to ensure that all pupils throughout Years 7 to 11 understand all four British Values and what it means to be a Broadoak pupil in Britain.

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